Capgemini announces new deal with Eneco Group

Capgemini on Wednesday announced a new deal with Eneco Group, a Dutch sustainable energy Group.

Under the new agreement, Eneco and Capgemini will work together on business innovation and digital transformation. Currently, both companies work on infrastructure services.


Preliminary and early focus areas of the new agreement will include home energy management, electric vehicle charging, local energy generation and digital customer services.

“Our customers are changing the way they use energy in their homes and for their businesses dramatically,” said Joeri Kamp, CIO Eneco Group.

“‘Decentralized and renewable energy have become the standard.  To do this effectively we need to move forward in integrating IT solutions with our knowledge of sustainable energy and utilizing energy infrastructures in a way that hasn’t been seen yet in the energy sector.”

The new agreement also intends to drive industry-wide innovation for utility organizations. That said Eneco and Capgemini plan to make a number of newly developed energy services available to other industry players through Capgemini’s Utility to Energy Services (u2es) transformation program.

In July,  Capgemini has implemented an eCommerce solution at PostNord, a logistics company for the Nordic region.

Capgemini is using IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix to prototype, develop, test and host cloud-based applications at PostNord to update its customer-facing, self-service systems to help small businesses ship orders internationally outside of Sweden.

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