Bouygues Telecom selects Capgemini messaging solution

Technology and outsourcing services provider Capgemini has been selected by Bouygues Telecom, a French leading global operator providing mobile, fixed, television, Internet and Cloud services.

Bouygues Telecom selected Capgemini’s Messaging 2.0 solution and messaging products from StreamWIDE to set up a next generation voicemail solution enabling to launch innovative fixed and mobile services with very short time to market.

CapegeminiCapgemini will help migrate Bouygues Telecom’s legacy mailboxes with full respect of the existing User Experience without generating any service downtime, any loss of message or parameter.

Capgemini solution, in collaboration with StreamWIDE, allows operators to replace their legacy messaging silos thanks to new generation products based on IP standards and to deploy SOA-based messaging infrastructure supporting differentiating and innovative services.

The company selected StreamWIDE for its Messaging 2.0 program as it brought concrete and convincing answers to the new challenges operators are facing with growing demand for next generation call completion solutions.

The solution is deployed for all of Bouygues Telecom’s offerings, spanning mobile and fixed, residential and business. It offers differentiating services such as Visual Voicemail for main smartphones devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) as well as TV-based voicemail services for their “Bbox” customers.

“The alliance of Capgemini’s skills and integrator methodology with StreamWIDE product’s flexibility and robustness forms a sound and efficient industrial partnership that both companies are eager to replicate in Europe and beyond,” said Pascal Béglin, StreamWIDE founder and CEO.

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