Bengaluru becomes top city for technology job seeking

Bengaluru is the leading Indian city for those seeking job opportunities in the technology sector, according to data from job site Indeed.
IT jobs
22 percent of all job postings in the country are originating from the city. It is followed by Delhi-NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, making up the top five destinations for technology careers in India.

The job site said smaller cities such as Mohali and Ahmedabad also see a fair share of job postings in the sector; with Chennai also featuring in the leading cities for jobs in the technology sector.

Indeed, in a previous study, said Bengaluru is also the leading city in India for jobs related to blockchain technology.

The seeking activity among age group of 20-29 year olds continues to show a relatively high level of interest in the technology sector. The age group is also the most actively hired. Senior job-seekers above the age of 55 are showing significant interest in the sector. The 40-49 age group shows the least interest in the sector.

Sashi Kumar, managing director of Indeed, said: “Organizations must keep evolving to keep pace with the advent of new technologies, be it artificial intelligence, machine learning, or big data analytics. New technologies bring with them opportunities for employment, as new job roles emerge in their wake.”

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