Atos signs big IT deal with European Space Agency

ESA, the European Space Agency, has selected Atos to deliver and operate Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS).

The DIAS will combine real-time geo data from Copernicus, the world’s largest single Earth Observation program, and data from multiple sources to create information products. Sectors such as manufacturing, insurance, utilities, agriculture, forestry, urbanism and emergency services will benefit.

The DIAS platform, which will be available to global customers in June 2018, will have the potential to assist scientists to understand the impact of climate change; Governments and cities to better manage and anticipate urban development; oil and gas companies to evaluate and manage risk; and farmers to better manage their crops and yield.

Atos, leading a consortium of DLR, e-Geos, EOX, GAF, Sinergise, Spacemetric, Thales Alenia Space and T-Systems, will be responsible for integrating, delivering and operating the Cloud platform to integrate data sources.

This platform will make the data from the European Union constellation of Sentinel satellites and from data providers, more accessible. Third parties such as industrial players, institutions such as national space agencies, SMEs and start-ups can build business services based on satellite data. Atos will build and commercialize the new services.

Atos Codex data services will provide DIAS with analytics and cognitive capabilities to turn raw satellite data into valuable insights for several industries, said Stephane Janichewski, head of Defence & Aerospace Market at Atos.

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