Artificial intelligence created new jobs and sales: Capgemini survey

artificial-intelligenceBusiness technology outsourcing company Capgemini announced the findings of a global survey of artificial intelligence (AI) users.

83 percent of 1,000 organizations with $500 million + revenues with artificial intelligence (AI) in their pilot or scale said AI generated new job roles in their organizations, according to Capgemini survey of AI users.

The report, which surveyed executives from 9 countries and across 7 sectors, said three-quarters of firms have seen 10 percent increase in sales, directly tied to AI implementation.

Organizations are producing jobs at a senior level, with two in three jobs being created at the grade of a manager or above. Among organizations that have implemented AI at scale, 63 percent said that AI has not destroyed any jobs in their organization.

AI is a means of reducing the time employees spend on routine and administrative tasks to enable them to deliver more value.

71 percent proactively initiated up-skilling/re-skilling of employees to gain from AI investments. For those who have implemented AI at scale, majority believe that AI will make complex jobs easier (89 percent) and that intelligent machines will coexist with humans within their businesses (88 percent).

“AI is taking away the time humans previously spent on repetitive issues and allowing them to focus on where human intelligence can drive value – for both themselves and for customers,” said Michael Natusch, global head of AI at Prudential.

Tech-savvy businesses use AI to increase sales, boost operations, facilitate customer engagement and generate business insights.

Three-quarters of firms are seeing a 10 percent uplift in sales since starting to use the technology. The customer experience is a big focus of AI adopters: 73 percent think AI can increase customer satisfaction scores and 65 percent believe it could reduce future customer churn.

Established and regulated sectors are leading on AI innovation: 49 percent of telcos, 41 percent of retailers and 36 percent of banking institutions have seen the highest implementation of AI at scale.

Automotive (26 percent) and manufacturing (20 percent) industries achieved the lowest levels of utilization among companies implementing AI.

58 percent of Indian companies are already using AI at scale, with Australia (49 percent) behind.

European nations: Spain (31 percent), the Netherlands (24 percent) and France (21 percent) are using AI technologies, indicating firms in these markets are not yet ready to adopt the technology.

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