Aegis powers Toyota India’s social media engagements for customer insights

 Infotech Lead Asia: BPO major Aegis has recently supported Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, an automobile manufacturer, to capture and understand customer insight across their product and services.

Providing social media engagement platform Aegis LISA, Aegis also enabled an online brand-customer engagement by reducing the turnaround time taken for engaging on the various digital media forums.

“For Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, Aegis LISA is proving to be one of the key engines to understand the customer satisfaction level so as to drive end customer experience and engagement across all digital media platforms such as social media networks, blogs, and forums,” said Toyota Kirloskar Motor Customer Relations Personnel.

AegisLISA’ s inclusive ability in Listening, Interacting, Socializing and Adapting with the online community of the brand via a single solution platform is a unique feature that adds value to Toyota Kirloskar’s customer relationships in India.

The Social Media Engagement solution — Aegis LISA is leveraging Aegis’ partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands to provide an extensive multi-channel customer management solution across North America, Asia Pacific and MENA markets.

Aegis, a part of the $27 billion Essar Group, is flexible to clients business requirements, based on business process-as-a-Service or platform-as-a-service or even both engagement models, making it easier for brands to implement social media strategies.

Aegis LISA is being offered as a modular solution, through which clients can choose end to end digital and social media engagement solution or select a part (Listening, Interacting, Socializing and Adapting) in accordance with their strategy. In this sense, Aegis reinforces its position as a value partner to companies that can leverage customer insights.

Launched in August 2012, Aegis LISA, which won the 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award and 2012 Social Business Award Honoree sponsored by TMC’s Customer magazine, provides the ability of Listening, Interacting, Socializing and Adapting with the online community of a brand via a single social media solution platform.

“It is designed with built-in customer engagement, business intelligence and analytical capabilities to gain insights into the context of both ‘to the brand’ and ‘about the brand’ conversations and also identifies business opportunities on a real time basis,” said Sandip Sen, Global CEO, Aegis.

To execute a competitive strategy of its new solution, Aegis is focusing on a value positioning and a distinct approach to tap into end user sentiments in near real-time, addressing and responding to service issues, sales opportunities and gathering market intelligence.

Aegis, which is featured in the 2012 ‘Global Services 100 list’ of companies, is already working with over 12 large companies in the area of social and digital media engagement including clients across Telecom, Automobiles, BFSI, Retail and Travel sector.

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