Aegis hires 600 US military veterans and spouses last year

Outsourcing vendor Aegis has hired more than 600 US military veterans and spouses during 2013.

Much of these hiring has taken place at Aegis’ centers in Killeen, Texas and Sierra Vista, Arizona, which are adjacent to US military bases, said Aegis in a statement.

Sandip Sen, global CEO of Aegis

“Our experience is that military veterans and their families are a well-rounded, tech-savvy, and well-traveled work force with a strong desire to serve. Their work ethic is an inspiration to our global team,” said Sandip Sen, global CEO of Aegis.

At the company’s Killeen center, located a few miles from the largest domestic US military base, Aegis hired 202 veterans (12 percent of all hires), 36 different abled veterans (2 percent) and 299 military spouses (18 percent).  Of the 183 hires at the company’s Sierra Vista Center, 8 were veterans (3 percent), 27 were different abled veterans (11 percent), and 25 were military spouses (10 percent).

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