ACCO leverages 8×8 to enhance customer experience

ACCO Brands has deployed 8×8’s cloud-based enterprise communications platform by replacing on-premise legacy solution to streamline its contact center system.

The company can track inbound calls to build a deeper understanding of its customer base and deliver superior service using 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center.

The customer service team can view the volume of incoming calls at different times and plan capacity accordingly, manage the workload between different agents.

Additionally, agents can work remotely with 8×8 systems and customers always have an access to a live agent.


ACCO’s Brands include AT-A-GLANCE, Day-Timer, Five Star, GBC, Hilroy, Kensington, Marbig, Mead, NOBO, Quartet, Rexel, Swingline, Tilibra, Wilson Jones and many others.

“The whole system was installed within days and switched across overnight, meaning no downtime in our service – which was key for us,” said Sam Ludlow, European Customer Services Director at ACCO Brands.

In March, 8×8 launched 8×8 Virtual Contact Center  (VCC) Global, which the company calls as a significant milestone in its Global Reach initiative.

In February, 8×8 offered better Service Level Agreement (SLA) to qualified enterprise customers.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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