Accenture to hire for metaverse, quantum computing and blockchain jobs

Accenture’s job postings in Asia Pacific have increased by 40 percent from around 8,900 in January 2021 to over 12,500 in March 2022.
Accenture jobs in metaverseAccenture’s jobs related to the metaverse, quantum computing, and blockchain more than doubled over the last six months, reveals GlobalData.

Accenture launched Metaverse Continuum business group last month to develop a virtual campus for new hires to have an immersive experience and expand its metaverse strategy. The metaverse, quantum computing, and blockchain related posted jobs increased from 65 in October 2021 to 131 in March 2022.

“Accenture’s virtual location Nth floor is gaining traction on social media. Jobs data indicates that the company continues to make strides in the metaverse via hiring for the Metaverse Continuum business group,” Sherla Sriprada, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, said.

Accenture has recently posted 13 jobs (until 25 April 2022) based on job descriptions around Metaverse Continuum business group for its India, Australia, and Singapore offices.

Accenture is hiring roles for digital twins in India, the US, and The Netherlands. Examples of roles include Metaverse Supply Chain Analyst and Metaverse Supply Chain Strategy Consultant with an understanding of supply chain concepts such as customer centric supply chain, digital twin, digital thread, zero based budgeting.

Accenture is looking for talent with digital skills such as extended reality, blockchain, distributed ledger, gaming, and quantum computing.

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