Accenture to buy data-driven marketing strategy co Sutter Mills

Accenture has agreed to acquire Sutter Mills, a data-driven marketing strategy provider in France.
Accenture Industry X.0 model
The acquisition would strengthen Accenture Interactive’s ability to help brands, in France and throughout Europe, to leverage data to deploy marketing strategies. The combination of Sutter Mills’ and Accenture Interactive’s expertise would enable companies to create hyper-relevant experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Sutter Mills, headquartered in Paris, works with well-known French and European companies across various industries, including luxury goods, automotive and financial services, helping them develop more engaging relationships with their customers.

The firm provides consulting and implementation services that enable clients to improve customer insights, increase the efficiency of their marketing strategies, and drive higher returns on their marketing investments.

Sutter Mills has expertise in all major martech and adtech platforms, as well as expertise in implementing the technical infrastructures required to create hyper-relevant experiences.

Founders of Sutter Mills include Guillame Cardon, Oliver Mazeron and Xavier Cardon.

Sutter Mills would mark the second acquisition made by Accenture Interactive in France, following the 2017 acquisition of French digital commerce agency Altima.

It would also represent Accenture’s overall fifth acquisition in France in four years, following the acquisitions of OCTO Technology in 2016, Arismore and the aforementioned Altima in 2017, and Cirruseo in 2019.

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