Accenture launches integrated marketplace for Southwest Power Pool

Accenture has launched an integrated marketplace in association with Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional transmission organization (RTO).

SPP’s integrated marketplace helps participants buy and sell wholesale energy and reserves through the operation of a single, consolidated SPP balancing authority.

With the launch of the integrated marketplace on March 1, 2014, SPP now has the ability to determine which generating units should run the next day for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Based on previous cost benefit analysis, SPP’s integrated marketplace is expected to realize up to $100M in annual net benefits across the SPP footprint.

The facility will allow SPP to coordinate next-day generation across the region and provide participants with greater access to reserve energy.


The marketplace helps SPP improve regional balancing of electricity supply and demand and to integrate renewable resources. It also provides participants with a mechanism to hedge against transmission congestion charges through the allocation and settlement of transmission congestion rights.

“This was a complex project with many moving parts and involving hundreds of stakeholders. Accenture was an instrumental part of SPP being able to complete this challenging effort on schedule,” said Bruce Rew, SPP vice president of Operations and executive sponsor of the Integrated Marketplace Program.

Accenture was selected in 2011 to provide services in program and project management, systems integration, technical architecture, regulatory services and readiness and deployment management.

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