Accenture in business transformation deal with Maharashtra Sales Tax dept

Accenture on Wednesday said it will transform the Maharashtra Government’s Department of Sales Tax to maximize revenue collection and strengthen its enforcement function.

As per the management consulting project, Accenture will identify a service provider to upgrade the department’s technology infrastructure to increase efficiency and updating record maintenance.

The strategy of Maharashtra sales tax department is to ensure that tax payers can interact with the department easily.

The Department of Sales Tax is a major revenue collecting body for the government of Maharashtra, contributing about 60 percent of all revenue.


“The project will facilitate improved business processes and create multiple channels for service delivery, facilitating prompt action that will lead to improved services and more interactive communication,” said Nilaya Varma, managing director for Accenture’s Health & Public Service management consulting business in India.

According to a statement from Accenture  a comprehensive automation of the department identified issues like flexibility, scalability and integrity of data in the current system.

“Compounding the matter were the needs of departmental staff which have increased to include workflow automation and smarter systems that can aid in decision making. Accenture has spearheaded a multitude of projects in analytics consulting and, through this partnership, we hope to achieve efficiency in our existing processes,” said Nitin Kareer, commissioner of Sales Tax department.

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