Accenture implements new operating model at Hostess Brands

Accenture has partnered with Hostess Brands to design and implement a new operating model and business processes, and deliver end-to-end information technology (IT) transformation.

Under the terms of this contract signed in April 2013, Accenture designed, built, and implemented a new operating model, including a new distribution system and IT systems, across all aspects of the Hostess Brands enterprise, including the sales and marketing, merchandising, manufacturing, finance and order management functions.

The partnership has helped Hostess Brands deliver design and implementation of end-to-end front- and back-office processes, including finance, procurement, sales, transportation management and distribution functions.

It also helps in the development of a new distribution system, moving from a direct store delivery (DSD) model to warehouse delivery, helping to improve efficiency and speed to market. It also helps in the creation of a new data center, hosted on Accenture’s private cloud, to manage all business applications and support functions.


Further, the partnership allowed the design, development and coordination of all IT infrastructure, such as shop floor automation and plant infrastructure, and including the set-up of IT systems to support basic company functions such as email, help desk and telephone system.

The work helped Hostess Brands to successfully re-launch Twinkies, one of America’s most iconic products, and get them back on store shelves in less than three months.

The speed of the implementation enabled Hostess Brands to get their products onto store shelves in time for the back-to-school shopping season, a crucial period for U.S. retailers and brands. Accenture has helped Hostess Brands go from a standing start to producing and shipping 100 million snack cakes during the first two weeks of the relaunch, the company said.

Under the terms of the contract, Accenture will also continue to manage all IT applications, infrastructure, and data center services on behalf of Hostess Brands.

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