Accenture to help Japan Tourism Agency to increase foreign tourists

IT outsourcing vendor Accenture today announced its deal with Japan Tourism Agency to provide management consulting services to increase the number of tourists to Japan.

The seven-month IT consultancy deal will enable the Japanese government’s initiative to attract 20 million foreign tourists during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, said Accenture.

Accenture will present recommendations to JTA based on a survey the company develops to better understand the challenges tourists say they face in traveling to the country. Accenture will conduct the survey at airports and other travel locations.

Accenture 3

The focus of the survey will be to examine the environment for welcoming foreign guests in Japan, including communications infrastructure, payment and purchase options and multilingual support options. Accenture said it will share the key results and recommendations of the survey across Japan and abroad.

Joichi Ebihara, managing director, Accenture Strategy in Japan, said: “We will use knowledge of and experience in the tourism industry and leverage marketing and consumer analytics to help support the government’s strategy to make Japan a leading travel destination.”

In order to reach its target goal of 20 million visitors, JTA is emphasizing increased number of return visits by foreign visitors, targeting improved tourist satisfaction while visiting Japan.

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