Accenture buys Callisto Integration to bolster Industry X.0 business

IT services company Accenture has acquired Callisto Integration, a Canada-based provider of consulting and technology services, as part of the strategy to strengthen its Industry X.0 business.
Accenture digital strategyCallisto Integration provides digital manufacturing services to large companies in the food and beverage, chemicals, utilities and other industries. The acquisition expands Accenture’s capabilities to help clients in North America ensure the timely production of orders, increase their yield and enhance the quality of their products.

Among Callisto’s key services are the design and implementation of manufacturing execution systems, industrial internet of things (IoT) systems and shop-floor control systems. These systems ensure the materials, workers and equipment for each production order are ready when needed. They also provide real-time data on the production process.

The 160 Callisto employees join Accenture’s Industry X.0 practice. This part of Accenture uses digital technologies — such as the IoT, data analytics and artificial intelligence — to improve how companies design, engineer and manufacture products and services and operate industrial facilities.

Callisto is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario. It also has two offices in the United States — in Richmond, Virginia and Albany, Oregon — as well as offices in Warwick in the United Kingdom and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The acquisition includes Callisto’s MeasureTek subsidiary, based in Albany, which uses IoT technology to provide precision farming services, such as dynamic field monitoring and irrigation information.

Callisto Integration is the third digital manufacturing advisory and services provider that Accenture has acquired recently, following Silveo in France and Enterprise System Partners in Ireland in 2019.

Other recent acquisitions Accenture has made to strengthen its Industry X.0 business include German embedded software company ESR Labs, Dutch product design and innovation agency VanBerlo, U.S. product innovation and engineering company Nytec, U.K. innovation firm Happen, and German technology consultancy Zielpuls.

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