Accenture brings human-machine operating engine SynOps

Accenture has launched SynOps, an innovative human-machine operating engine that optimizes data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and talent to help organizations transform business operations.
Accenture Industry X.0 modelSynOps is an assembly of talent, capabilities and technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics, that gives organizations a flexible roadmap for achieving higher levels of efficiencies across the enterprise.

SynOps enables companies to make their organizations more flexible, agile and responsive, helping them generate additional value by driving growth and scaling operations quickly.

SynOps harnesses data and insights from more than 1,000 Accenture client engagements and hundreds of years of cumulative expertise across business functions, industries and domains.

SynOps identifies opportunities for business process reinvention by synthesizing this with data from clients’ existing systems and drawing on external data to provide benchmarks. The result, in addition to a higher return investment from existing IT systems, is greater insights — enabling better decisions and business outcomes.

SynOps enables organizations to reinvent business processes and achieve intelligent operations across key functions such as finance & accounting, marketing and procurement.

SynOps draws on Accenture’s more than 100,000 Operations professionals — including data scientists and AI experts — to complement and augment the company’s machine workforce of more than 3,600 automation solutions, 65 analytics apps and 40 AI advisors.

SynOps optimally orchestrates the allocation of work, assigning transactional tasks to software bots and leveraging AI and analytics to identify new opportunities for automation. Through data-based insights, SynOps also ensures that the right resource is tapped for the right task.

SynOps integrates the analytics and AI capabilities of the Accenture Insights Platform and partner technologies with more than 100 preconfigured analytics and AI solutions to quickly deliver insights that enable exceptional business outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage.

SynOps enables the collection, monitoring, storage, analysis and reporting of structured and unstructured data from diverse sources and creates the environment for advanced data exploration and AI model development to enhance real-time decision-making.

Recent SynOps investments by Accenture clients

An IT company, which deployed SynOps for Finance to drive operational excellence, achieved more than 50 percent increase in productivity via process transformation, automation and analytics. It achieved more than $140 million in savings due to the productivity gains, automated processes and a new customer portal.

A high-tech company, which encountered fragmented sales pipeline data, achieved 740,000 leads compared with the 25,000 leads previously processed in one year and leading to an 11 times increase in revenue in the first four months.

A multi-national food and beverage company leveraged SynOps for Procurement when profitability was harder to achieve despite higher revenues. SynOps provided innovative talent with digital tools, information and process rigor and gave users end-to-end transaction transparency. SynOps’ intelligent model delivered $30 million in savings, equivalent to an average of 15 percent savings per year.

“SynOps represents the re-imagining of the enterprise as operations leaders grapple with integrating their automation, analytics and AI strategies,” said Phil Fersht, CEO and chief analyst at HFS Research.

Nirav Sampat, group technology officer of Accenture Operations, said, “SynOps’ greatest value is in how it creates compound intelligence from emerging technologies powered by human expertise to deliver better insights, which lead to better-informed decisions, stronger outcomes — and results previously unimaginable.”

Debbie Polishook, group chief executive of Accenture Operations, said: “SynOps will play an integral role in helping our clients in their journey to intelligent operations.”