Accenture assists Swedish steel maker SSAB to improve biz performance

Infotech Lead Europe: SSAB, a top steel maker in Sweden, has tapped Accenture to improve biz performance.

Accenture will be designing, building and operating SSAB’s accounts payable, accounts receivable, select customer care activities, procurement and sourcing and category management.

Under the seven-year business process outsourcing (BPO) agreement, Accenture will help SSAB transform these functions across selected operations in Europe and improve the company’s flexibility to adapt to changing market demands.

SSAB will also benefit from a more cost-effective service delivery model.

In addition, SSAB will have access to Accenture’s industry processes, industry knowledge and business process outsourcing (BPO) analytics across SSAB’s business support functions to drive end-to-end process development.

Rikard Schroder, a managing director and Accenture Resources lead in Sweden, said: “We will provide a team and a program that is flexible, efficient and cost effective – that uses consistent processes, standardized services, uniform technology and skilled resources to proactively drive continuous improvement to help SSAB achieve high performance in a challenging marketplace.”


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