Accenture to acquire security services firm Redcore

Technology outsourcing company Accenture announced its deal to acquire Redcore, a consulting company that specializes in providing identity and access management services (IAM).

Founded as a privately held IT company in Australia in 2010, Redcore offers security services for Cloud, network management, public key infrastructure, cyber defense, applications and the internet of things (IoT).

Redcore has multiple offices in Australia, India, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore and has approximately 130 security professionals. Joseph Failla is the co-founder of Redcore. Accenture did not share financial details to acquire Redcore.

Redcore develops authentication, authorization and administration services across cloud, web, mobile and adaptive access-management technologies. Redcore has deployed multiple large-scale cybersecurity solutions, including multi-factor authentication and secure application gateways that are used by some of the major Australian banks and government agencies.

“The acquisition of Redcore will allow us to expand our existing IAM services and security-as-a-Service capabilities – along with other critical cyber defense services – while also immediately extending our leadership position in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Kelly Bissell, managing director, Accenture Security.

Redcore, with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, provides security services and IT service management for a range of clients, including government agencies and companies across the finance, health, retail and telecommunications industries.