Zurich Airport deploys QlikView to analyze data to better flight operations

Flughafen ZUrich, the operator of Zurich Airport, has deployed QlikView to analyze performance data to ensure better flight operations.

QlikView will also be replacing SAP BW for its superior scalability, flexibility and performance.

To improve operations, Flughafen Zurich decided to capitalize on data to increase visibility across the organization, better track performance and discover new ways to streamline operations and minimize travel delays.

It replaced a number of disparate BI tools including SAP BW, and implemented a centralized self-service BI program powered by QlikView. The new QlikView solution is available to approximately 500 users across the organization.

Zurich Airport

“Over the next two years we expect to expand our BI program further and to increase the amount of data we analyze with QlikView by more than one billion data sets,” said Konrad Zoschg, head Aviation Competence Center, Information and Communication Technology of Flughafen Zurich.

QlikView enables employees to perform analytics on data pertaining to airport operations, parking, facilities management, finance, and information and communications technology.

The platform allows users to measure data against pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) or perform ad hoc inquiries on the fly. This ranges from capacity analysis within the airport infrastructure to evaluations of process times in direct flights. With this insight the airport operator can uncover areas of improvement to help ensure regular flight operations.

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