Woodside taps IBM Watson to utilize predictive data

Woodside, an oil and gas company, will utilize IBM Watson to use predictive data to maintain a strong competitive advantage.

A large population of employees will leverage this knowledge to enhance Woodside’s expertise in designing, fabricating and constructing oil and gas facilities, said IBM.

IBM is delivering Watson cognitive advisory service via the cloud to engineers for making insights and offering information quickly to a wide group. IBM will support Woodside’s engineering teams to ask complex questions in natural language.

IBM Watson analytics
“We are bringing a new toolkit to the company in the form of evidence based predictive data science that will bring down costs and increase efficiencies across our organization,” said Woodside Senior vice president strategy, science and technology Shaun Gregory.

“Our plan is to turn all of this data into a predictive tool where every part of our organization will be able to make decisions based on informed and accurate insights,” Gregory added.

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