Welltok offers Watson-powered CafeWell platform to IBM employees

IBM Watson analytics
Welltok today said IBM employees can now benefit from a Watson-powered version of the CafeWell Health Optimization Platform.

This means, IBM will benefit from its own cognitive computing to manage health resources and engage employees.

The CafeWell platform, which has been in use since spring 2015, organizes IBM’s 36 partners, including five health insurance carriers, spending accounts and retirement programs. It provides personalized insights and on-demand guidance on health and wellness via the web, smartphones, and soon the Apple Watch.

Jeff Margolis, chairman and chief executive officer for Welltok, said: “We are moving the needle on employee health by improving program and resource visibility and access, delivering a unified and engaging consumer experience, and rewarding employees for optimizing multiple dimensions of their lives.”

Utilizing Watson natural language capabilities, the CafeWell Conciergeapp becomes knowledgeable about a user’s health status, available benefits, preferences and behaviors, and can deliver personalized and actionable recommendations.

Further, it can understand complex questions in natural language and provide relevant responses on health and wellness topics such as health coverage, healthy living, condition management, and much more.

When provided access to the CafeWell platform, IBM claims that its employees increased their use of company-sponsored health and wellness programs, demonstrating action to optimize their health.

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