After Vantrix, Yahoo selects Hunk for Hadoop Analytics Platform

Splunk today announced that Yahoo has selected Splunk’s Hunk, the analytics tool for Hadoop and NoSQL data stores and Splunk enterprises.

Splunk will support Yahoo employees to explore, analyze and visualize data from its Hadoop environment which contains more than 600 petabytes of data.

Yahoo has been a customer of Splunk’s for several years and their teams have been analyzing more than 150 terabytes of machine data per day in Splunk Enterprise for use cases including IT operations, applications delivery, security and business analytics.


Hunk guides its users to explore, analyze and visualize big data, regardless of where the data is stored.

Yahoo is currently using Hunk in its grid operations group as well as several other product teams. Hunk has helped Yahoo in visually browse complex tables, improve data job service level agreements, and cut down development cycles in the grid system in real time.

Yahoo is also using Splunk enterprise to assist more about its product lines including customer preferences, user experience, click rates, performance and IT workflow issues, advertising and marketing campaign popularity, product feature usage and more.

This adoption will empower more business and product teams to gain even more insights from Yahoo’s business and operational data.

Meanwhile, Swisslos is using Splunk enterprise to gain a complete, integrated vies of all its IT operations. Swisslos uses Splunk Enterprise to collect, index, analyze and visualize data coming from several IT systems in order to run IT operations management and network security.

Vantrix, a provider of media delivery solutions to service and content providers, has also selected Hunk.  Vantrix has opted for Hunk software to create enhanced mobile data analytics for its global mobile service provider customers.  These new offerings have generated new revenue streams for Vantrix.

Using Hunk, Vantrix Media Platform can easily search all the data stored in Hadoop in seconds.

Hunk makes it faster and easier to unlock the business value of big data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. It quickly creates and share charts, graphs and dashboards.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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