Tenon improves building safety with IBM analytics

Remote surveillance solution provider Tenon Group has selected IBM Intelligent Operations Center software to improve building safety and mitigate risks.

Tenon Group has set up a Soteria Command Center in Gurgaon, India, to offer monitoring services for corporate buildings and campuses.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center software will help Tenon monitor data from devices such as CCTV cameras.

Additionally IBM analytics software enables Tenon to offer a scalable solution that monitors the security of multiple clients’ premises from a single console.

In the new Soteria Command Center, Tenon staff will be able to analyse data from diverse sources, such as video surveillance alerts, live feeds from cameras, GPS devices and equipment such as smoke detectors, glass break sensors, fire sensors and alarms, from a central video wall dashboard.

With IBM analytics, Tenon staff will also be able to analyze and provide real-time access to critical security information, the ability to detect patterns and search for particular attributes and then alert authorities of any suspicious or anomalous behavior in real time.

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