Teledyne LeCroy adds PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34

Teledyne LeCroy, a provider of protocol test solutions, has released its new PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34 which adds enhancements for PCIe-based storage analysis on the Summit PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product line.

Teledyne LeCroy supply protocol analyzers and exercisers which are used by developers and validation engineers to directly record and examine data traffic on serial data communication links between devices and systems.

The companies developing PCIe-based SSD and similar storage products using the new NVMe and SATA Express high-speed serial data standards uses protocol analyzers and exercisers.

SSD developers can reduce debug and test schedules, lower engineering development costs on new products and meet time-to-market requirements.

Teledyne LeCroy

According to the company, storage developers’ faces limitations in available design and test tools including limited trace recording times and a lack of standardized analysis reports for PCIe-based storage.

Additionally, high performance SSD testing can require recording data traffic beyond a few minutes and while some test tool suppliers have claimed support for the NVMe and SATA Express protocols, support for these protocols has remained minimal.

The newly released Summit T34 protocol analyzer targeted at PCIe storage applications now also support long trace recordings with a new NVMe Enhanced Mode.

Teledyne LeCroy has now created an NVMe and SATA Express SSD Performance and Analysis capability.

This apart a new feature in the PCIe Protocol Suite, Trace Expert, creates a detailed report that the SSD industry requires to obtain a common understanding of how their SSD or storage systems are operating and includes information on the necessary PCIe based components.

The new PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34 also supports in-depth queue analysis where utilization graphs illustrate how submission and completion queues are operating within a storage environment.

PCIe Protocol Suite 7.34 will be available in mid-June.

Last month, Teledyne LeCroy introduced ProVIDE for IoT test and debug and Mercury T2C USB Power Delivery and USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer.

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