Schneider Electric launches a new Performance Analytics Suite

Schneider Electric has launched a new suite, Performance Analytics for Resource Advisor software platform.

Resource Advisor from Schneider Electric is the industry’s first integrated energy and sustainability data platform which serves more than 4,500 clients with over 20,000 users across 130 countries and helps to manage more than $30 billion of energy spend.

The new suite has ability to monitor energy and carbon markets, manage key sustainability metrics and report results to stakeholders on more than 400 types of resource streams including utility and facility data, weather data and water and energy usage.

Resource Advisor users can now collect, visualize and analyze real time interval data from a variety of sources with the new Performance Analytics suite.

As the companies are under pressure to reduce operating costs and risk, Performance Analytics allows for data collection and integration from multiple sources to simplify visualization and analysis of interval data, while reducing the cost of data acquisition.

Schneider Electric can collect data from the utility, can tap the existing utility relationships to obtain interval data or fetch data from variety of meter, submeter or BMS data.

Schneider Electric

With this customers can choose the cost effective way to develop a complete picture of their consumption at the site level or across the enterprise.

Resource Advisor can be used by the client or as a means to enable remote energy and sustainability management.

In order to identify new opportunities for efficiency or to amplify existing in house expertise, remote analysis capabilities are provided by Schneider Electric energy experts.

“Performance Analytics drills down to interval-level information in a way that our clients are finding very powerful,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of energy and sustainability services, Schneider Electic.

Schneider Electric and McAfee partnered last year in March to expand security offer to incorporate McAfee whitelisting capabilities.

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