SAP invests in predictive food service company Vivanda

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SAP announced an investment in Vivanda, provider of a data-driven, context-sensitive personalization platform for the food and beverage industry.

Vivanda’s business is an API-enabled, predictive food personalization services platform that allows its partners to personalize their web food content and gain valuable insights on their consumers’ eating habits and taste preferences.

The investment allows SAP and Vivanda to jointly enable food industry companies to utilize FlavorPrint technology, a food and flavor genome mapping 16,000 aroma chemicals to 33 flavors and 17 textures.

This move is expected to enhance consumer engagement and targeted personalized food and beverage recommendations as well as advanced Big Data analytics.

“The SAP strategic investment in Vivanda will expand the collaboration between the two companies and will further enable food companies using solutions enabled by SAP HANA to leverage the FlavorPrint technology and data collected to engage and connect with consumers in more personalized and relevant ways,” said E.J. Kenney, SVP Consumer Products Industry Business Solutions at SAP.

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