Salesforce offers Wave for Big Data for biz to utilize insights

Salesforce has launched Salesforce Wave for Big Data that supports businesses to utilize big data insights with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce has joined hands with some of the partners of the Analytics Cloud Partner Ecosystem including Google, Cloudera, Hortonworks, New Relic, Informatica and Trifacta.

Salesforce is offering Analytics Cloud in English, while plans are afoot to launch it in additional languages.

The Analytics Cloud mobile app is available on Apple iOS for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, with additional device support forthcoming.

Sales, service, marketing and other business professionals can discover consumer trends across any combination of transactional data such as CRM, ERP, finance, and HR systems and unstructured or semi-structured big data sets from within the Analytics Cloud.

The digital universe will multiply 10-fold between 2013 and 2020 to 44 trillion gigabytes thanks to Web searches, clicks, tweets, mobile app usage and connected sensors.

Salesforce Cloud
For instance, Salesforce Wave for Big Data enables marketing managers to analyze the correlations between customer profiles in Salesforce and actual customer engagement data from the Google Cloud Platform to optimize marketing spend and increase customer acquisition.

“We join forces with Salesforce because it will enable Salesforce customers to easily make use of Google Cloud Platform and leverage the scale, speed, ease of use and power of Google Cloud Platform’s big data services such as Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Dataflow,” said Adam Massey, director of cloud ecosystem, Google.

Cloudera enables companies to deploy an enterprise data hub to store, process and analyze any data type at scale. Marketing executives can identify patterns between a product usage log from Cloudera alongside CRM demographics to target the right customers for a loyalty campaign.

Hortonworks provides data management platform based on 100 percent Apache Core that enables companies to use analytics to optimize the performance of Hadoop cluster. Retail banks can explore operational, transactional and balance data to understand local economic trends to provide better banking services.

New Relic delivers a software analytics platform that provides real-time insights on the performance of a company’s Web and mobile apps. Companies can understand how customers are engaging with their brand, including mobile activity, user experiences and transactions.

Keith Bigelow, SVP & GM of Analytics Cloud, Salesforce, said: “Salesforce Wave for Big Data connects the Analytics Cloud to the industry’s ecosystem of big data innovators. Every company can extend any data source to business users to transform every customer relationship.”

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