RSA’s Art Coviello points to Big Data as solution to security challenges

Infotech Lead America: Art Coviello, executive vice president of EMC Corporation and executive chairman of RSA, The Security Division of EMC, extolled the virtues of intelligence-driven security strategy that uses powerful Big Data analytics to help security practitioners regain the advantages of vigilance and time to better detect and defend against advanced threats.

Highlighting the sheer amount of unstructured data being mined and how the richness and variability of that data provides great opportunities for business and society, Coviello said that the same data also provides new attack vectors for adversaries.

Coviello called for a more realistic level of understanding regarding the escalation of threats. He said that organizations can no longer afford to remain idle when it comes to updating their security measures and must be willing to take action to adopt an intelligence-driven security model to better defend against unknown threats.  He stressed that the security industry must also develop an adaptive capacity built on security analytics, risk-based controls and multiple sources of threat intelligence to help security organizations more rapidly identify and respond to threats.

Art Coviello, executive vice president of EMC Corporation

Coviello said that Big Data architectures should be scalable enough to meet each organization’s unique requirements. Organizations will need to subscribe to a more holistic approach for implementing individual Big Data controls by replacing task-specific controls. Individual controls should evolve to interact with intelligence feeds, risk and compliance platforms, security management systems, and each other making them more dynamic and situationally aware.  Task-specific Big Data controls should be self-learning.

Coviello cited examples of technologies starting to meet these new Big Data requirements by building tools with Big Data analytics such as the new RSAAuthentication Manager 8.0 platform which combines risk-based analytics drawn from a self-learning engine refined through more than 30 billion transactions with a powerful rules engine and industry-leading RSA SecurID two-factor authentication.

RSA recently announced the RSA Security Analytics platform that is fusing security log and packet data with internal and external threat intelligence to provide a Big Data approach to security.

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