Resona deploys Teradata to improve customer service

Resona Group has deployed a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse to improve customer service and efficiency.

The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse will support real-time operational inquiries from 14,000 bank employees, 2,200 ATMs, 230 call center representatives, and all customers doing internet banking.

Resona Group has combined customer relationship management database and a marketing customer information file system (MCIF) of three members such as Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank and The Kinki Osaka Bank.

Three banks will use the integrated system — running on Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse — and the data warehouse as the foundation and expand their real-time business capability.

Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse analytics enables the Resona Group to develop new financial products and services, reach corporate and individual customers with timely marketing campaigns, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

“With the latest Teradata technology, Resona Bank will be able to more efficiently reach and serve its customers at call centers, through on-line banking and at bank branches,” said Yukihiko Yoshikawa, president, Teradata Japan.

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