Quantum offers two new content preservation options for StorNext based systems

Infotech Lead India: Quantum, a provider of big data management and data protection solutions, will unveil two new content preservation options for StorNext based systems.

To be unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference next month, Quantum’s Lattus-M disk archive serves as a new archive tier to enable  content to automatically move between online primary disk, object storage and tape, including the StorNext AEL Archive.

It incorporates object storage technology to serve as an active nearline archive and support rapid retrieval of content and assets for repurposing in a StorNext-managed environment. Lattus-M provides betteer value for content preservation by moving assets from archive to work-in-process at almost primary online disk speeds.

Quantum’s High Density (HD) module will enable the StorNext AEL6000 Archive to provide policy-based tiering to an LTO archive with slot densities that are twice of those offered by competitors.

Both of these products are built to provide scalable onsite and globally distributed content preservation choices for managing petabytes of video assets, such as those created and maintained by post production facilities, broadcasters, and other organizations where video plays a crucial role.

At NAB, Quantum will demonstrate how StorNext leverages object storage technology in Lattus-M to enable a policy-based nearline archive. Quantum will also cite several customer use cases, including one from Ultimate Fighting Championship, where StorNext technology serves as the platform for a complete end-to-end content workflow.

Lattus-M offers a new nearline storage option that is more durable than RAID with self-healing and protection capabilities and lower latency. It offers fast retrieval times at a price similar to that of long-term storage.

Lattus-M offers scalability to support flexible media asset growth, durability to ensure content is not lost, automatic multi-site protection without the need for replication and self-migration for seamless upgrades to new storage technologies.


It also offers fast file access using StorNext File System, HTTP REST or optional CIFS/NFS and cost-effective, high-capacity archive capability across global locations.

Quantum’s new StorNext AEL6000 Archive HD offers 5 PB of LTO-6 tape in a single 19” rack, scalable to over 75 PB of capacity. StorNext’s policy-based tiering engine for intelligent data movement between storage platforms is combined with the Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) feature for automatic tape integrity checking.


The StorNext AEL6000 Archive banks on the benefits of controlled tiering which capitalizes on the industry’s highest tape slot density to offer a long-term content preservation solution.

StorNext AEL6000 Archive HD will be available next quarter while Lattus-M will be available in May.

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