QlikTech launches QlikView Direct Discovery for direct access to big data sources

Infotech Lead India: QlikTech has launched QlikView Direct Discovery for direct access to big data sources within QlikView apps.

Direct Discovery is designed to link data loaded in-memory with big data sources for rapid visual analysis. The hybrid model for comprehensive analysis will be part of the QlikView Version 11 upgrade available in December 2012 at no additional cost.

The new model eliminates the need to select between direct access to big data or pre-loading data in-memory.

By directly querying tables without a complicated ETL process, IT departments are able to open up all the information sources that were previously out of reach to the business user. This hybrid approach unifies data silos giving users the data they need when they need it without time or productivity drains.

Moreover, QlikView Direct Discovery enables users to gain high performance big data access with all of the associative search options of QlikView Business Discovery. Users can continue to explore information freely rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. This insight for everyone can be deployed in a mobile environment or with a social and collaborative experience.

“What our enterprise customers love about QlikView is it makes data that was once just stored, now used on a daily basis. Its intuitive nature makes people to which this data is most relevant become devoted power users,” said Anthony Deighton, chief technology officer at QlikTech.

Retail sales trends in QlikView, for instance, can be analyzed with massive transactional data from the data warehouse to reveal consumer buying patterns for more informed and effective sales promotions. Customers can also achieve this enterprise agility with the same rapid implementations and optimized performance they are accustomed to in QlikView.

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