Procter & Gamble partners with Verix to strengthen business intelligence further

Infotech Lead America: Procter & Gamble has formed a strategic partnership with Verix Business Intelligence to further-strengthen and build P&G’s capabilities and industry leadership in Business Intelligence (BI).

Verix is a start-up technology company that specializes in intelligent business alerts and pre-packaged analytical applications. The collaboration has been supported by P&G’s IT Innovation Hub, the Israel House of Innovation (IHI), which was established five years ago to help enable partnerships between P&G and Israeli innovators.

“We are excited to initiate a partnership and collaboration with Verix,” shared Andy Walter, P&G’s vice-president of Global Business Services. “We expect that the innovative Verix technology and capabilities will help to further-strengthen our business intelligence capabilities.”

Verix uses an analytical pattern-recognition engine that scans all relevant intersections of diverse data sources in search for exceptions. It enables the analysis of huge data sets and identifies trend changes that lead to significant business insights. Verix generates Intelligent Business Alerts that enable decision makers to focus on aspects that matter.

“P&G is an ideal partner for Verix, due to their deep data analytics experience and relentless focus on providing their business community users with the most actionable and relevant insights,” states Doron Aspitz, Verix CEO. “It is impressive how quickly P&G has been able to leverage the Verix platform.”

Aspitz wrote in his blog that P&G integrated Verix’s patented HotSpots technology, branded by P&G as Intelligent Business Alerts (IBA), into its analytical process to enable a new way of knowledge based management – management by exception.

With the partnership with Procter and Gamble, Verix is now focusing attention into a new vertical – the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail market.

The terms and conditions of this partnership are not disclosed.

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