Pitney Bowes, IBM work together to bring location-based insights for mobile apps

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Pitney Bowes is working with IBM to deliver location-based insights for enhanced customer experiences.

IBM selected the world boundaries data from Pitney Bowes to supplement the geospatial capabilities of the IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics platforms.

Geographic boundaries—like city or state borders—serve as the technical underpinnings for the alignment of data around specific location-based information of all types including demographics, mobile location data, customer data and more.

The Pitney Bowes boundaries data that is built into Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics applications will enable customers to ingest other geographically-relevant data for richer and more accurate reporting and insights.

Savvy businesses are using location intelligence to better communicate with customers, create more targeted promotions and promote sophisticated cross selling opportunities using popular mobile and social platforms.

Geospatial data is used in a host of different industries and can inform a wide range of decisions based on traffic planning, mobile marketing, tax forecasting, delivery optimization and more.

Furthermore, it can enhance advanced decision-making capabilities of key stakeholders.

“We are thrilled to be working with IBM to enable advanced consumer insights and experiences through geospatial insights,” said Bob Guidotti, EVP and President, Software Solutions.

“Highly detailed and accurate data has been proven to shed insights on understanding customer segments, managing risk and making important decisions with greater confidence.”

The Pitney Bowes boundaries data provides a consistent depth of information across global locations so that businesses and customers can make timely and informed decisions, as well as suggest the next-best action.

Access to this dataset offers expansive coverage of over 240 geographies worldwide.

“Working with Pitney Bowes, we will be able to unlock insights tied to location and geographies, which has applicability across a wide range of use cases and industries,” said Marc Altshuller, General Manager of Business Analytics, IBM.

“Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics customers will be able to leverage these integrated capabilities without special geospatial skills, bringing geospatial analytics to business analysts and executives,” Altshuller added.

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