Pathway Genomics launches Watson powered wellness app at CES 2016

IBM Corporation


Pathway Genomics and IBM unveiled Watson powered ‘Pathway Genomics OME’ app at the Digital Health Summit at CES 2016.

The alpha version of the wellness app merges cognitive computing and inputs in precision medicine and genetics.

IBM said this base enables Pathway Genomics to provide consumers with personalized wellness information.

The company added that future versions of Pathway’s OME will enable users to opt-in to include electronic health records, insurance information, and additional datasets.

According to Allied Market Research, the bioinformatics market, which includes genetics, is expected to grow to $12.86 billion by 2020; and the even larger mHealth market will grow to $59.1 billion.

In January 2014, the Watson Group announced to advance new cognitive computing capabilities.

In connection with that, IBM is investing $100 million to spur innovation for entrepreneurial organizations – ranging from start-ups and VC-backed companies to established players.

IBM said Pathway Genomics is an example of such companies who are coming up with a new generation of apps and solutions infused with Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities.

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