OpTier delivers APM and big data analytics platform as big data market matures

 Infotech Lead, America: OpTier announced the sponsoring and availability of a big data survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and 9sight Consulting in a report titled “Big Data Comes of Age.” OpTier is a leader in Application Performance Management (APM) and provides end-to-end Big Data Analytics (BDA), analyzing billions of transactions and capturing over 250 billion metrics per day.The key finding of EMA and 9sight through the survey was that there is a growing understanding that while size is important, the technology implications of data structure and processing speed are at least as important. Also, what really matters for big data is what systemic business cases it supports and what real analytic and operational value can be extracted from it.

OpTier’s industry-leading Application Performance Management solution and Big Data Analytics platform are based on its patented Active Context Tracking (ACT) technology. This technology tracks every interaction from the end-user, through the data center and the cloud with virtually no overhead.

OpTier introduced its first solution for Big Data last Fall, applying its years of experience in capturing business transactions in context, when it introduced OpTier Big Data Analytics (BDA).

“The research showed that companies are rapidly implementing Big Data strategies, and that Big Data has driven change in traditional data management strategies with a movement to align data with operational and analytic workloads, each on the best possible platform,” said Shawn Rogers, vice president of Research at Enterprise Management Associates. “OpTier is well-positioned to address this market need with its end-to-end analytic platform powered by its Application Performance Management and Big Data Analytics products.”

“The EMA/9sight report revealed that Big Data is not just something everyone’s talking about — many companies across industries are already implementing Big Data solutions,” said Andy Wild, president of OpTier. “OpTier’s continued focus on capturing and harnessing business context allows companies to turn their Big Data into competitive advantage.”

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