MutualMind taps IBM for social media analytics

IBM has announced that MutualMind, a startup that provides social media sentiment analysis, has leveraged IBM cloud to upgrade their infrastructure and double the computing power of its real-time, on-demand content analysis and visualization application.

MutualMind migrated to IBM  after replacing Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, company officials said.

MutualMind helps customers monitor brand discussions on the social networks on which they have a presence, enabling them to gain valuable insights from social discussions. Major brands like Kraft, AT&T, Nestle, and Walgreens use MutualMind to support various product development, market research and consumer care programs, the company said.

MutualMindAs more global brands turned to it, MutualMind required a scalable cloud platform that could provide enough computing power to maintain high levels of performance.

IBM cloud powered by SoftLayer has allowed them to improve processing efficiency, performance and scalability while also meeting growing customer demand, said Barbar Bhatti, CEO and co-founder of MutualMind. “We now have the ability to successfully offer our products cost-efficiently and provide our customers the real-time support needed in today’s digitally social world.”

By moving its application to SoftLayer, MutualMind is able to leverage the power of big data to help customers transform their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

MutualMind’s platform can process between 30,000 to 80,000 different queries on these documents at any moment, and SoftLayer delivers the flexibility required to deliver accurate and continuous customer engagement in real time.

Utilizing SoftLayer’s bare metal infrastructure, MutualMind’s engineers can appropriately customize and configure the right kind of servers and apply these changes where needed – such as when a client needs extra support for a major new product launch or social media campaign, the company said.
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