Modak Analytics sets up Big Data-based Electoral Data Repository system in India

Modak Analytics, a Hyderabad-based data analytics start-up, is setting up Big Data-based Electoral Data Repository system.

The Indian start-up said its team has made an innovation by applying Big Data analytics for the first time on such a massive scale to the politics, PTI reported.

Data Analytics assists parties and candidates to raise funds, design a tailored communication to target a select few voters, rework advertisements and create detailed models for voter engagement in battleground states as well as in gender and voter clusters to increase the power of micro-targeted strategy.

Milind Chitgupakar, chief analytics officer of Modak Analytics, said the creation of repository is massive, involving 81.4 crore voters in India, the largest number in the world.

US President Obama’s 2008 election campaign brought the use of Social Media and 2012 campaign the use of Big Data to forefront. The 2014 Indian elections have gone one step further and used both Social Media and Big Data.

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