Microsoft object recognition technology can recognize breed of dog

Enterprise IT vendor Microsoft today demonstrated its object recognition technology, dubbed Project Adam.

The breakthrough technology – displayed at the 15th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit — identifies the exact breed of a dog.

The potential of this research can be used to take a picture of a meal and get its nutritional information. You can also take a photo of an unusual skin condition and get an accurate diagnosis. You can identify poisonous plants and edible plant using the innovative technology, said Microsoft.

Microsoft Project Adam

Harry Shum, executive vice president of Technology and Research, Microsoft, said the goal of Project Adam is to enable software to visually recognize any object.

The most recent research of Microsoft resesarcher Trishul Chilimbi and three other colleagues focuses on Project Adam and its object classification, culling a dataset of 14 million images from the Web and sites such as Flickr, made up of more than 22,000 categories drawn from user-generated tags.

Using 30 times fewer machines than other systems, that data was used to train a neural network made up of more than two billion connections. This scalable infrastructure is twice more accurate in its object recognition and 50 times faster than other systems.

Pix source: Microsoft