KXEN selected by Banglalink for predictive analytics

KXEN, a provider of predictive analytics for business users, announced it has been selected by Banglalink, a leading mobile phone operator in Bangladesh.

The mobile operator deployed KXEN’s flagship product, InfiniteInsight, and KXEN’s telecommunications industry template.

The service helped them increase conversion rates as much as 240 percent on customer retention campaigns optimized with predictive models as compared to the same offers sent to randomly selected control groups.

Thanks to the predictive models built with KXEN’s InfiniteInsight, Banglalink is able to create highly targeted retention campaigns to combat customer churn.

For instance, by sending a retention offer via SMS text to their most profitable segment of subscribers, Banglalink realized a 59 percent conversion rate among those individuals targeted and who would have otherwise switched to another carrier or allowed their mobile phone subscription to go inactive.


Another feature, KXEN’s Telecom Blueprint includes prepackaged predictive models and pre-defined analytical data architecture.  Banglalink was able to streamline much of the time required to prepare analytical data, build predictive models and deploy resulting scores into production.

Banglalink’s big data analytics approach includes building predictive models from data from over 25 million mobile subscribers, 400 customer attributes, 3 billion raw monthly call detail records, and terabytes of data stored in a Teradata data warehouse.

Building on their recent success, Banglalink soon plans to integrate predictive models with their campaign management system to offer subscribers the right offer at the right time across its customer-facing channels, including their call center and company website.

Banglalink also plans to use KXEN’s social network analysis capabilities to identify influencers for viral marketing programs and to detect fraudulent activity with customers taking advantage of new subscriber programs, including rotational churners and multi-SIM users.

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