KPMG Capital invests in 3 data analytics technologies

KPMG Capital has announced three strategic investments in data and analytics solutions.

The company has invested in Software Development and Research Technology (SDART), Astrus and Customer Compass. KPMG did not share financial terms of the investments.

The investment in SDART has given KPMG member firms’ client access to SDART’s flagship solution, Financial Microscope. Financial Microscope is a predictive analytics tool that provides a forward looking view of financial sustainability and performance.

KPMG has made an investment in Astrus in order to help clients address the increasing commercial and regulatory complexity of doing business with multiple third parties.


KPMG has also invested in Customer Compass, which provides 360-degree view of the customer journey to help analyze customer patterns and segmentation to improve sales and retention strategies.

KPMG Capital funds fuel innovation in disruptive technologies to bring solutions to market to help member firms’ client address toughest business issues.

Earlier, KPMG Capital picked up equity stake in Los Angeles-based start-up, Bottlenose, a provider of real-time trend intelligence.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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