Kodak Alaris initiates measures to combat data chaos 


Kodak Alaris launched new measures aimed to boost the power of data in digital transformation.

It launched a new business narrative to raise awareness about the newest ways to combat “data chaos.”

It also initiated a campaign aimed at Business Process Outsourcers, which features Kodak Alaris subject matter experts and shares their knowledge directly with IT decision makers.

The company also planned a second global campaign focused on Distributed Capture, “Redefine the Flow of Information,” which showcases how distributed capture can help increase customer satisfaction and improve profitability.

Furthermore, it revamped its website to guide buyers effectively.

Data is ubiquitous and is embedded in countless formats. It’s in our email, paper documents, online posts, videos and more.

Kodak Alaris refer to this as ‘data chaos’ — the point where the size and growth of unstructured data vastly outpaces structured data, presenting significant obstacles to operational efficiency, responsiveness to customers and profitable growth.

“Our new business narrative, revamped website and targeted global campaigns differentiate Kodak Alaris Information Management and reposition our brand as we meet data chaos head on,”  said Siddhartha Bhattacharya, vice president, Global Marketing, Kodak Alaris’ Information Management (IM) division.