Intel aims to simplify Big Data for people and organizations

Infotech Lead America: Intel Corporation has announced the availability of Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software (Intel Distribution), which is has been created with the aim to simplify the analysis of big data.

Intel Distribution includes Intel Manager for Hadoop software which is built from silicon up to enable more organizations and people to use the vast amount of data being generated, collected and stored everyday.

Big data has the power to lead to new  scientific discoveries, business models and consumer experiences. The prohibitive costs involved and skills required to process big data have so far been an impediment for people and organizations to exploit its full potential.

The addition of the Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop software simplifies the deployment, configuration and monitoring of the cluster for system administrators. The Intel Active Tuner for Apache Hadoop software optimal performance can be automatically configured without the need for specialized understanding of each application’s use of system resources along with the Hadoop configuration and performance benchmarks.

The Intel Distribution provides complete encryption with the help of Intel AES New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) in the IntelXeon processor. Analyzing one terabyte of data, which would previously take more than 4 hours to fully process, can now be done in 7 minutes due to the data-crunching combination of Intel’s hardware and the Intel Distribution.

Intel has formed strategic partnerships to integrate this software into a number of next-generation platforms and solutions, and enable deployment in public and private cloud environments.

Intel’s partners in this venture include 1degreenorth, AMAX, Cisco, Colfax Corporation, Cray, Datameer, Dell, En Pointe, Flytxt, Hadapt, HStreaming, Infosys, LucidWorks, MarkLogic, NextBio, Pentaho, Persistent Systems, RainStor, Red Hat, Revolution Analytics, SAP, SAS, Savvis, a CenturyLink company, Silicon Mechanics, Simba Technologies, SoftNet Solutions, SuperMicro Computer, Inc., Tableau Software, Teradata, T-Systems, Wipro and Zettaset.

The recently introduced Intel Intelligent Systems Framework is a set of interoperable solutions designed to enable connectivity, manageability and security across intelligent devices in a consistent and scalable manner, while setting the foundation to help to gather, analyze and deliver valuable information for end-to-end analytics from the device to the datacenter.

Intel Labs is at the forefront of advanced analytics research, including the development of IntelGraph Builder for Apache Hadoop software. Intel Graph Builder helps reduce development time by eliminating the need to develop large amounts of custom code.

Intel Capital continues to make major investments in disruptive big data analytics technologies including MongoDB company 10gen most recently, and big data analytics solution provider Guavus Analytics.

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