IBM, Wharton School launch CMO Advantage program

IBM has formed partnership with Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to launch an education program aimed at helping chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief customer officers (CCOs) use big data and analytics to improve customer engagement.

The two-week course, titled “The CMO Advantage: Evolving beyond the Digital Revolution,” explores the increasing importance of CMO in the C-Suite.

Advanced analytics is increasingly becoming important for CMOs to achieve their goals in today’s data-driven world, but 82 percent of organizations are not prepared to capitalize on this data, according to a recent poll conducted by IBM on 500 global CMOs.

CMO Advantage- Evolving beyond the Digital Revolution (Source IBM)“Today’s consumers are more connected, more knowledgeable and create more information than ever before,” said Kevin Bishop, vice president, IBM ExperienceOne. “CMOs need a way to extend their existing expertise into areas like advanced analytics and cloud-based technologies to quickly unlock and act on the deeper insights trapped in that wealth of data.”

The CMO Advantage program combines the educational excellence of Wharton School and analytics capabilities of IBM. It provides participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to use cloud, analytics, mobile and social technologies to unlock deeper insights about their customers and deliver greater value in their interactions.

Participants will get access to executive peer-to-peer learning, advanced academic frameworks, hands-on simulations and live case studies across a host of data-driven social, mobile and digital marketing scenarios.

The program will also help them gain deeper understanding of the transformative impact of the connected consumer on enterprise value propositions and marketing practices. It will enhance the role and influence of the CMO and Chief Customer Officer in the C-suite, including rallying and orchestrating the wider organization to align in support of the brand promise.

Participants can also achieve personal transformation by applying lessons through live simulations and rapid feedback. They can improve the performance of the marketing organization, including nimble organizational design, marketing return measurement, partner ecosystems, and winning the talent war.

Monica McGrath, vice dean of Executive Education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said, “Wharton and IBM will establish a new standard of excellence in how CMOs and Chief Customer Officers approach and use technology to better engage consumers and personally succeed within their companies and their field.”

The program will commence in June 2015. Wharton will begin accepting applications for this program starting October 20.

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