IBM Watson will invest in Pathway Genomics to develop app

IBM Watson Group will invest in Pathway Genomics Corporation to develop a mobile app that will utilize Watson’s ability to uncover insights from Big Data by understanding human language.

Pathway Genomics, a clinical laboratory that offers genetic testing services, will deliver the cognitive consumer-facing app based on genetics from a user’s personal makeup.

In the last six years, Pathway Genomics raised more than $80 million including the latest funding from IBM.

According to Allied Market Research, the bioinformatics market, which includes genetics, is expected to grow to $12.86 billion by 2020.

IBM Watson Group will invest in Pathway Genomics Corporation

Pathway Genomics is aiming to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by leveraging the natural language processing and cognitive capabilities of Watson.

Consumers can now ask questions to the Pathway Panorama app to gain insights based on their wellness-related genes, wearable data, and other related wellness information, like emotional, physical and social well being.

Watson has the ability to uncover insights from Big Data by understanding human language. The data will be combined with information about the individual’s lifestyle and wellness-related biomarker data to provide personalized options to make informed decisions about living a healthier life. Panorama will routinely monitor a user’s health and wellness information, and ping the user with any new relevant recommendations.

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