IBM Watson powers SocialBro’s Personality Insights for Twitter

IBM Watson analytics
SocialBro today said IBM Watson is powering its latest product Personality Insights for Twitter that visualizes audience personality, enabling segmentation at a psychological level.

IBM Watson Personality Insights API assists the newly launched Twitter marketing platform to provide better targeting and relevance.

Founded in Spain in 2011 and now headquartered in London, SocialBro has received funding and support from Seedcamp and Scottish Equity Partners.

Twitter users with certain personality traits are 40 percent more likely to redeem a coupon and some are twice as likely to click through on Twitter Ad campaigns, according to a study by IBM Watson.

IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API analyses personality based on 3 personality models allowing marketers to understand their audience’s individual preference on a granular level. Telefonica and Adecco, two customers of SocialBro, have improved targeting and relevance of their Twitter advertising.

“Insight-driven digital marketing is now a given and one of the amazing things about Twitter is the richness of data publicly available. Now personality-driven marketing is no longer a vision for the future and is a present reality,” said Javier Buron, cofounder and CEO of SocialBro.

Telefonica has utilized SocialBro’s Personality Insights to gain a deeper understanding of the readers of its thought leadership blog Think Big.

Adecco, a provider of human resources, developed a campaign in association with SocialBro to promote its innovation challenge and encourage people to enter the competition using Lead Generation Twitter Cards.

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