IBM Watson to power Manipal Hospitals’ cancer care

Manipal Hospitals chose IBM
Manipal Hospitals has selected IBM cognitive computing platform Watson for improving and offering individualised cancer care for patients.

This will be the first deployment of IBM Watson in India.

IBM said on Wednesday that Watson for Oncology, developed in collaboration with 130-year-old Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, is trained in analysing data to identify evidence based treatment options.

With a knowledge base of 15 million medical pages, 200 medical text books and 300 medical journals, Watson for Oncology employs machine learning ability to continuously learn about Oncology over time.

“This engagement (With Manipal Hospitals) represents a major step in the transformation of healthcare in India. With IBM Watson we are bringing cognitive computing to the healthcare ecosystem to help deliver greater value to patients,” said Vanitha Narayanan, MD, IBM India, at a press meet in Bangalore.

In India, one million cancer cases are diagnosed every year while it claims 6,80,000 lives every year making it the second leading cause of death.

More than 200,000 individuals receive care for cancer at Manipal facilities each year. Ajay Bakshi, chief executive officer, Manipal Hospitals said: “With IBM’s Watson for Oncology, we can combine our clinicians’ expertise across various types of cancers with a cognitive computing solution informed by expert training from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.”

Watson for Oncology has ingested nearly 15 million pages of medical content, including more than 200 medical textbooks and 300 medical journals.

Using natural language, clinicians using Watson for Oncology will be able to explore treatment options, analyze information provided, and gather evidence specific to a patients’ individual health needs.

“We are honored Manipal Hospitals chose IBM to support its mission to advance health across India, and to add the esteemed organization to a growing community of hospitals and research institutes around the world, including Bumrungrad International Hospital, using Watson to transform cancer care,” said Deborah DiSanzo, general manager for IBM Watson Health.

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