IBM Watson expands India presence

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IBM Watson Ecosystem has added two partners including InspireOne Technologies and TEXTIENT to begin developing cognitive computing solutions in India.

InspireOne Technologies is using IBM Watson cognitive APIs in its professional development app to empower employees to develop their leadership skills.

TEXTIENT is a marketing insights platform tapping Watson to develop real-time brand perception reports.

IT spending in India is forecast to reach $71 billion in 2016, and grow to $85.28 billion by the end of 2019, according to a Gartner.

“The creativity and passion of Indian businesses to introduce cognitive-infused apps to the market is overwhelming, and the region is poised for incredible growth,” said Stephen Gold, vice president for IBM Watson.

Haryana-based InspireOne Technologies is embedding Watson in its Supernova application to empower employees to develop their leadership capabilities. Supernova uses Watson’s Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Classifier APIs to analyze corporate emails, enabling Supernova to deliver evidence-based insights.

Supernova can capture and quantify to what extent an employee applies leadership competencies such as collaboration or strategic thinking and also explain how to further develop such skills. For example, an employee who does not demonstrate collaboration frequently might get specific pointers, such as asking more questions from team members during interactions.

HDFC Life, a large insurance company in India, has been using InspireOne’s Supernova solution powered by Watson.

Chennai-based TEXTIENT, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for brand, marketing and customer insights, allows marketers to gain actionable insights from social media posts about the impact of a marketing action or the competitive differentiation of their brand.

TEXTIENT uses Watson’s Personality Insights API along with sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and concept extraction to automatically generate a comprehensive Brand-Essence Report in a matter of minutes.

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