IBM Watson cognitive power finds new takers in retail industry

Reflexis Systems, an IT solutions provider for the retailer industry, has announced the availability of Reflexis StorePulse, an IBM Watson-powered app, which helps improve buying experience of shoppers in stores.

The Reflexis StorePulse is one of the latest implementations of IBM Watson which was launched earlier this year.

Reflexis powered by Watson enables retailers to find previously hidden demand triggers from unstructured text in blogs, news, weather reports, and customer surveys.

Reflexis StorePulse powered by  IBM WatsonThe intelligent retailer platform provides inputs pertaining to customer demand influences – weather, social media, local events, news, variable date holidays, and more — and automatically alert the right store managers, associates, and corporate planners to take specific action based on the retailer’s established best practices.

IBM Watson already powers several apps developed by its ecosystem partners in healthcare, financial services, IT services, retail, security, non-profit, and more.

Red Ant (London, UK) is another retailer that uses cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson. The retail has developed a retail sales trainer mobile app that lets store employees easily identify individual customers’ buying preferences by analyzing demographics and several key metrics like local pricing, customer reviews, purchase history and wish lists.

Of late WayBlazer in Austin, Texas, launched a travel inspiration, recommendation and planning platform based on IBM Watson, to provide travel industry professionals with the ability to deliver more personalized, relevant and valuable travel information to consumers.

IBM recently enhanced Watson’s cognitive capabilities globally. To facilitate interaction among the Watson ecosystem partners, IBM also opened Watson headquarters at 51 Astor Place in New York City’s Silicon Alley, is open for business.

IBM will lead its cognitive computing innovation from the new global headquarters, collaborating with its five new Watson client experience centers around the world.

“IBM is receiving an outpouring of interest from partners in Watson’s cognitive capabilities and supporting industry-changing use cases around the globe,” said Stephen Gold, Vice President, IBM Watson Group. “We are thrilled to be working with some of the industries’ best and brightest entrepreneurs and established organizations.”

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