How IBM transforms customer experience at Wimbledon

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said it is supplying innovative solutions including SlamTracker analytics and Social Command Centre to better customer experience at Wimbledon Championships.

While Wimbledon tennis fans will benefit from an enhanced interactive mobile experience, redesigned and simplified SlamTracker analytics encourages engagement and Social Command Centre powered by IBM SoftLayer cloud will provide AELTC with insights into social media conversations about The Championships, said IBM.

IBM and the AELTC have transformed the Official Wimbledon iPhone and Android apps and added new functionality to the iPad app for 2014 to ensure an immersive, personalized and social Wimbledon experience.

The personalization in the phone allows fans to tailor their own feed getting the information including scores, stats, live video and match analysis – via their smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices.


IBM, which has been partnering with Wimbledon for several years, has redesigned SlamTracker, featuring a new interface that encourages engagement and delivers insights to Wimbledon fans. SlamTracker’s ‘Keys to the Match’ predictive analytics offers insights into a match by identifying three performance indicators that will likely affect a player’s performance.

Powered by IBM SoftLayer cloud technology, the Social Command Centre at The Championships 2014 will boost fan experience on digital platforms by helping the Wimbledon content team understand and respond to fans’ needs in real-time.

The Social Command Centre will deliver insights into current and evolving social media conversations taking place on and off the court.

IBM Watson Foundation’s Big Data and analytics platform captures and analyses relevant data from multiple sources, enabling IBM to predict web traffic and proactively adjust the cloud infrastructure to dynamically accommodate based on demand while offering transparent and real-time access by a multitude of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.