IBM signs Watson Analytics deals with Honest Cafe and Benco Dental

Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced two Watson Analytics deals – with Honest Cafe and Benco Dental.

Honest Cafe, an unmanned coffee house in London, is using Watson Analytics to understand user insights to help determine coffee products, pricing, marketing, promotions, etc.

Revive Vending, a vending service provider in the UK, deploys and positions high-end vending machines at the Honest Cafe locations. It has three cafes currently in operation, and four more planned.

“Because Honest is unmanned, it’s tough going observing what our customers are saying and doing in our cafes,” said Mark Summerill, head of product development at Honest Cafe.

Utilizing Watson Analytics, IBM’s natural language-based analytics service, Honest Cafe uploaded its transactional information and began discovering insights.

IBM Watson analytics
Meanwhile, IBM said Benco Dental, a privately-owned dental supply distributor in the United States, is using Watson Analytics to tap Big Data insights to better gauge the true effectiveness of marketing and business programs.

Benco Dental, which serves more than 30,000 dental professionals in all 50 states, is utilizing the natural language querying power of Watson Analytics to determine the effectiveness of specific promotional programs and when possible, prove or disprove traditional marketing tactics.

Both Honest Cafe and Benco Dental are in the process of upgrading to Watson Analytics Personal edition which offers access to 25,000 tweets per dataset.

Since its release in December 2014, more than 40,000 people around the globe have registered for and are using Watson Analytics. Through IBM’s relationship with Twitter, Watson Analytics also enables customers to analyze social sentiment for insights around programs, products, trends and more.

IBM is offering Watson Analytics in three editions: Watson Analytics, which is free to users and supports up to 500MB of data storage; Watson Analytics Personal, which is $30 per user/month and supports up to 2GB of data storage and analysis of up to 25,000 tweets per dataset; and Watson Analytics Professional edition, which supports up to 100GB of data storage and up to 50,000 tweets per dataset. Watson Analytics Professional is $80 per user/month.

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